What does DAH mean?

Dumb a** hole

DAH is a term often used online or in text messages to describe someone who has done something silly or is acting like a total jerk. Sometimes, it’s used in a serious way to point out someone’s bad behavior. Other times, it’s tossed around as a joke when someone has a momentary lapse in judgment, also known as a brain fart.

Understanding the meaning of DAH can be tricky because text-based messages can’t convey tone. The context in which the term is used can help you figure out if it’s meant as a joke or as a serious insult.

For instance, if your best friend confesses to tripping and taking a tumble in front of her secret crush, you might playfully call her a DAH. On the other hand, if a public figure you strongly dislike says something you find objectionable, you might seriously label them a DAH in a social media post.

Example for using ‘DAH’ in a conversation

OMG, did you see what John just did? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

LOL, what happened? πŸ˜‚

He accidentally spilled coffee all over his shirt during the meeting. DAH! 🀣

Hahaha, that’s classic John! πŸ˜…