Damaged Goods

What does Damaged Goods mean?

Someone with one or more big problems

When someone is referred to as ‘Damaged Goods’, it implies that the person has notable flaws or issues. This phrase is frequently used to spotlight individuals with character problems, or athletes with a history of injuries or off-field troubles.

The term is often used to express caution or concern about a person’s previous actions or experiences. This could be due to a troubled upbringing, past sexual encounters, or any other unfavorable or harmful past experiences.

In the world of sports, more specifically in fantasy sports, ‘Damaged Goods’ is a label used for a player who might have potential but also comes with significant risks. This could be due to an injury that could potentially hamper their performance.

Example for using ‘Damaged Goods’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that guy I went on a date with last night?

Yeah, what’s up?

Well, turns out he’s damaged goods.

Oh no, what do you mean?