What does Dankrupt mean?

No more weed left

Ever heard of the term ‘Dankrupt’? It’s a clever mashup of “dank” and “bankrupt”. It’s used when someone has run out of marijuana and needs to get more. This term is commonly used in communities that frequently use marijuana.

People might say they’re ‘Dankrupt’ when they check their stash and find out there’s nothing left. It’s a fun and casual way to say you’re out of weed.

So next time when you hear someone saying they’re ‘Dankrupt’, you’ll know what they mean. They’re just looking to re-up their supply of marijuana.

Example for using ‘Dankrupt’ in a conversation

Hey, do you have any weed left? I’m feeling a bit low.

Nah, man. I’m dankrupt at the moment. All out.

Oh, bummer. Guess I’ll have to find another source then. Thanks anyway!

No problem, dude. Good luck finding some. Let me know if you score.