What does Daterview mean?

A date where it feels more like you’re being interviewed

Daterview is a term used when a date feels more like a job interview than a casual meet-up. It’s when you’re asked a bunch of questions about your history, current situation, and future plans, without any hint of romance or fun. It’s like you’re being quizzed instead of just enjoying each other’s company.

Imagine you’re on a date with someone, let’s say Mark, and instead of focusing on having a good time, Mark is grilling you with questions. This kind of date, where it feels like you’re under scrutiny, is what you’d call a daterview.

Daterviews are more common among older folks who don’t want to waste time on non-serious prospects. Instead of looking for spontaneous romance, they prioritize practicality and are on the lookout for someone who’s serious about a long-term commitment or compatibility.

So the next time you find yourself on a date that feels more like an interrogation, you’ll know you’re in a daterview. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re also looking for something serious. But if you’re trying to keep things light and fun, a daterview might not be your cup of tea.

Example for using ‘Daterview’ in a conversation

Hey, how was your date last night? 🤔

Ugh, it was such a daterview! 😩

Oh no, what happened? 😮

Well, instead of having fun or getting to know each other, he bombarded me with questions about my job, future plans, and even my past relationships. It felt like an interrogation! 😫