What does DBMIB stand for?

Don’t bother me I’m busy

If someone is bothering you online and you want them to stop, you can use the slang term ‘DBMIB’. It’s a quick and easy way to let that person know that you have more important things to do and that you’re not interested in chatting with them.

The term is usually used when someone is being particularly annoying and you want to cut the conversation short. So next time you’re online and someone won’t stop messaging you, remember the acronym ‘DBMIB’.

‘DBMIB’ is an effective and straightforward way to communicate that you don’t wish to continue the conversation. It’s a slang term that’s easy to remember and use, especially in the world of online communication.

Example for using ‘DBMIB’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s up? How’s your day going? 😊

DBMIB, I’m super busy right now. Can we chat later? πŸ™

Oh, okay. No problem. Just wanted to catch up. Talk to you later then! πŸ˜„

Sure thing! Sorry, I’m just swamped right now. Catch up soon! Take care! πŸ‘‹