Deal Breaker

What does Deal Breaker mean?

A problem that ends a relationship

A deal breaker is something that one person can’t overlook in a relationship, no matter how good everything else may be. Often found in romantic relationships, these are issues or habits that are so bothersome they can disrupt harmony. They often lead to the end of a relationship if not addressed.

Everyone has their own deal breaker, something that drives them up the wall. It could be a small annoyance or a major issue. Other people might see this as being too picky or inflexible, but it really depends on how serious the deal breaker is.

Also known as a “pet peeve”, a deal breaker is a personal dislike or annoyance. It’s something that each individual feels strongly about. The idea of what constitutes a deal breaker can vary greatly from person to person.

Example for using ‘Deal Breaker’ in a conversation

I can’t believe he chews with his mouth open! πŸ™„ That’s such a deal breaker for me.

I totally get it! That’s one of my deal breakers too. It’s just so annoying.

Right? It’s like nails on a chalkboard. I can’t stand it!

I know, right? It’s definitely a pet peeve for both of us.