Deep Like

What does Deep Like mean?

Liking an old post on someone’s social media

When someone scrolls way back through a social media feed and then hits the ‘like’ button on an old post, that’s a Deep Like. It’s something that often happens when a person is checking out someone they’re interested in on a platform like Facebook or Instagram.

Due to the fact that people share a lot about their lives on social media, it’s simple to learn about someone’s interests, opinions, and personal life. An interested person can easily browse through a person’s profile and like a post. This action triggers a notification to the other person, making them aware that an older post has been liked.

But a Deep Like can cause all sorts of feelings, ranging from embarrassment to flattery. It all depends on who’s doing the liking. If it’s a person you’ve just met and who gives you creepy vibes, you might feel uncomfortable. But if it’s someone you’ve been chatting up at a party, you might be flattered.

Accidental Deep Likes can happen too, and they can sometimes lead to awkward situations. If you accidentally like an old post, you can quickly unlike it. However, there’s a chance the other person already saw the notification of your deep like.

Example for using ‘Deep Like’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what happened today?

What’s up?

I accidentally deep liked one of my crush’s old Instagram posts!

Haha, seriously? What did you do?

I quickly unliked it, but I’m not sure if they saw it.

Oh no, the deep like strikes again! Hopefully, they didn’t notice.