What does Demake mean in Gaming?

A demake is when a video game is recreated to work on an older system

Imagine playing your favorite modern game, but in the style of older gaming platforms. This is the essence of a demake. It’s all about taking a current game and remaking it to fit the look and feel of old-school games. This could mean adapting cutting-edge 3D graphics to simpler 2D styles, or toning down the gameplay to match older technology.

Think of a scenario where the popular game ‘Fight Club Galaxy’ is transformed into a retro version, reminiscent of the early ‘Space Invaders’. That’s a demake. The complex graphics and gameplay of ‘Fight Club Galaxy’ are simplified to match the 8-bit, 2D standards of the vintage ‘Space Invaders’, but can still be played on modern systems like Windows.

Most of the time, these demakes are created by fans of the original game out of pure passion. Because they’re not official releases, they’re often shared for free. However, there have been instances where game publishers have released their own official demakes, or authorized others to do so, which are then sold to the public.

Example for using ‘Demake’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about demakes?

Yeah, I have! It’s when a modern game is remade for an old platform, right?

Exactly! Like Super Smash Land, it’s a demake of the original Super Smash Bros.

Oh, I get it! So, it takes the 3D graphics and gameplay and makes it fit the 2D, 8-bit style of the Game Boy?

That’s right! It’s a cool way to experience a game with a retro feel.

Sounds awesome! Are demakes usually made by fans and distributed for free?

Yes, most demakes are made by enthusiastic fans and shared as freeware.

Got it! But are there any official demakes too?

Some publishers have created and sold official or licensed demakes as well.