What does Dept mean?


‘Dept’ is a shortened form of the word ‘department’. It’s a usual slang term people use when they’re talking about different kinds of departments. For example, it could be a police dept, fire dept, bakery dept, or even a health dept.

You might also come across the term ‘dept’ in the common phrase “that’s not my dept.” If you receive this phrase from someone, what they mean is that whatever you’re asking them about is not their area of expertise or responsibility.

So, to put it simply, ‘dept’ is a quick and easy way to refer to a department of any kind. And if someone tells you “that’s not my dept”, they’re letting you know that what you’re asking about is not something they’re in charge of or know a lot about.

Example for using ‘Dept’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know where I can find the bakery in this mall? πŸ₯–

Sorry, that’s not my dept. But I think it’s on the ground floor. 🍰

Thanks, I’ll look for it there! 🍩

No problem! Enjoy your pastries! πŸͺ