What does Dewd mean?

Dewd equals Dude in slang

Dewd is a hip and playful twist on the word “dude”, often used online or in text messages to add a dose of coolness to the conversation. Just like how “kewl” emerged as a fun alternative for “cool”, “dewd” follows the same trend, replacing the “oo” sound with “ew”.

It’s all about showing off your playful side with “dewd”. You might see a text from a pal saying, “What’s the plan for tonight, dewd?” or a post from your sibling on your profile saying, “Can’t wait to see you at the family gathering, dewd!”

Keep in mind, “dewd” is not the only cool twist on “dude”. There are other variations like “dood” and “doo”. So, next time you want to sound cool, don’t forget to drop a “dewd” in your conversation!

Example for using ‘Dewd’ in a conversation

Hey dewd! Wanna grab some pizza later? πŸ•

Sure thing! What time? πŸ•’

How about 7 pm? πŸ•–

Sounds good, see you then! πŸ€™