What does DIL stand for?


Parents often use DIL, a popular acronym, to refer to their “daughter-in-law”. This term describes a woman who is married to their son, making her a legal part of their family, despite not being related by blood.

Each family is unique in its dynamics. Some DILs have a strong bond with their mothers-in-law (MIL) and fathers-in-law (FIL), while others maintain a more distant relationship.

Acronyms like DIL are often used to simplify family relations. For instance, you might also come across the terms SIL and BIL, which stand for sister-in-law and brother-in-law respectively.

Example for using ‘DIL’ in a conversation

Hey! How’s your DIL doing?

She’s doing great! Thanks for asking. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family.

That’s awesome to hear! I hope you all get along well.

Yes, we do. She’s really close to her MIL and FIL too.