What does DILLIGAFF stand for?

Does it look like I give a flying flip?

DILLIGAFF is basically a longer form of the acronym DILLIGAF, which is a quick and harsh way of saying, “Do I look like I care?” When someone’s in a bad mood or simply not interested in what you’re saying, they might use DILLIGAFF to make it clear.

This term is popular in online settings, particularly among trolls or griefers who get a kick out of bothering other people. They’ll use DILLIGAFF to dismiss what you’re saying or doing, often without any real reason.

However, not everyone who uses DILLIGAFF is trying to be mean. Sometimes, people are having a hard time and it slips out. They might be caught off guard or overwhelmed, and they use DILLIGAFF to express that. If this happens, they might say sorry right away or a bit later on. So, it’s always a good idea to try and calm things down if you can.

Example for using ‘DILLIGAFF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new dress code at work?

DILLIGAFF! I’m tired of them telling us what to wear.

Haha, true. It’s so annoying.

Exactly! I just want to be comfortable.