What does Dip mean?

To leave

If you hear someone say they’ve got to dip, it means they need to leave or get going. You might also hear it in the phrase “dip out,” which basically means the same thing as dip. The person dipping usually doesn’t want to leave, but has a good reason to.

Let’s say your buddy Martin has to dip from your movie night. The reason? He’s got a big job interview bright and early the next morning and needs to get some sleep.

So, when you hear someone use the term dip in a conversation, you’ll know they’re not talking about a sauce or a dance move. They’re saying they have to head out, often with a touch of reluctance.

Example for using ‘Dip’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?

Yeah, I’ll be there. But I might have to dip early.

Oh, why? Is everything okay?

I have an early morning meeting tomorrow, so I gotta dip and get some rest.