What does Ditto mean?

Ditto means Same

Ditto is a widely used slang term, often used to mean “me too” or “I agree”. It can be used in spoken conversation, as well as in text messages or online chats.

Its usage is particularly handy when you’re short on time or don’t want to type out a lengthy explanation. It’s similar to saying “samesies” or using the acronym “SH”.

Interestingly, Ditto is also the name of a character in the Pokemon series. This character, who resembles a purple blob, has the ability to mimic the movements of other Pokemon.

Example for using ‘Ditto’ in a conversation

Hey, did you catch the latest episode of that show?

Yeah, I did! It was awesome! 🀩

Ditto! I loved it too! 😍

I know, right? The plot twists were mind-blowing! 🀯