What does Diva mean?

Someone who thinks they are very important and makes a lot of demands

The term ‘Diva’ has its roots in Latin, where it translates to ‘goddess’. This was initially used to praise successful female opera singers in Italy, highlighting their awe-inspiring stage presence and captivating style.

As time progressed, the term ‘Diva’ found its place in pop music, where it was used to describe female artists with not just exceptional talent, but also a magnetic personality. These are the kind of divas that people generally look up to and admire.

However, the term ‘Diva’ has also developed a secondary implication. It has been noted that some divas can be quite difficult to work with due to their temperamental nature and high demands. Hence, the term ‘Diva’ is now also used to indicate any person, usually a woman, who is perceived as being overly demanding or hard to please.

Example for using ‘Diva’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sarah’s new roommate?

Yeah, she’s a total diva. Always demanding things!

Oh, really? What happened?

Well, Sarah told me that her roommate expects everything to be done for her. She’s always complaining and never satisfied.