Divorce Body

What does Divorce Body mean?

Getting in shape after a divorce

A divorce body is a term that describes someone who has noticeably upgraded their physical appearance following a divorce. This might involve losing weight, toning up through exercise, or even undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Often, the motivation behind achieving a divorce body, which is sometimes referred to as a “revenge body”, is to provoke feelings of jealousy in the ex-spouse. This is a frequent occurrence among celebrities, who have both the time and resources to focus on physical self-improvement after a breakup.

Beyond making an ex-spouse envious, having a divorce body also serves as a way to attract new romantic partners. It signals that the person is single again and looking better than ever. It’s also a healthy way to cope with the stress and frustration that often come with the end of a marriage.

Example for using ‘Divorce Body’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Lisa lately? She’s looking amazing!

Yeah, I know! She’s been working on her divorce body.

Divorce body? What’s that?

It’s when someone going through a divorce gets in shape to make their ex-spouse jealous.