What does DLM stand for?

Don’t leave me

If you’re hoping someone wouldn’t leave you, you’d probably send them “DLM”. This slang is short for “Don’t leave me”. It’s most often used in texting or online chatting.

However, be careful with who you use it with. DLM can sometimes come off as clingy, or even a bit spooky, to those who might not feel the same way. It’s usually best used between those who have a strong relationship, like close friends or romantic partners.

For instance, you might use DLM when your boyfriend needs to sleep early, but you wish he could stay up and chat with you. Or maybe your buddy is about to exit a group chat you’re both in, and you’re not ready to be left alone with strangers.

Example for using ‘DLM’ in a conversation

Hey, are you busy right now? πŸ€”

Not really, what’s up? 😊

I’m feeling bored and lonely tonight. DLM! 😞

Aw, sorry to hear that. I’ll stay with you. πŸ€—