What does Dlo mean?

Down low

Dlo is a shortened form of “down low”, a phrase often used to mean “secret” or “private”. So, when you say “keep it on the dlo”, you’re simply telling someone to keep something a secret or not to share it with anyone else.

This term is mostly used in online chats or text messages when discussing something that needs to be kept confidential. For instance, if you secretly leave the house, you might text your younger sibling to keep your activity on the dlo, meaning not to let your parents know about it.

Similarly, if you’re in a secret relationship, you might tell your friend to keep your relationship status on the dlo. This is an informal way of asking them not to spill the beans about your dating life.

Example for using ‘Dlo’ in a conversation

Hey, can you keep a secret?

Of course! What’s up?

I’m planning a surprise party for Sarah. Keep it on the dlo, okay? 🀫

No problem! I won’t say a word. πŸ™Š