What does DLTM stand for?

Don’t lie to me

If someone asks you a question and starts it with DLTM, they’re basically saying, “don’t lie to me”. This is a bit of slang that comes up a lot in online chats or texts when someone is looking for a straightforward, honest answer.

DLTM is an acronym that is mostly used by people who want the truth. So, if you get a text that says DLTM, it’s a good idea to be straight with them. After all, if you were asking someone a question, you wouldn’t want them to lie to you, right?

For example, if a friend messages you with DLTM followed by TTTT, they want you to tell them the truth. They’re not looking for a fib or a half-truth, they want the real deal. So, it’s best to be real and honest with them.

Example for using ‘DLTM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you go to the party last night?

DLTM, did you have fun?

Yeah, it was amazing! The music was πŸ”₯

Awesome! TTTT, did you meet anyone interesting?

Well, there was this person I talked to. They seemed cool. But DLTM, I’m not sure if they were being honest.

Hmm, I understand. It’s important to be cautious. Thanks for being real with me!