What does DNF stand for in sports?

Did not finish

DNF is an abbreviation that stands for did not finish. This term is most often used in the world of sports, particularly when an athlete starts an event, but is unable to complete it for some reason.

You might see the term DNF show up during big international sporting events like summer or winter Olympics. It is used in various sports, such as track, speed skating, or skiing. It signifies that an athlete was unable to finish the event they started. This could be due to several factors including an injury, deciding to quit, or unfavorable weather conditions.

Besides the Olympics, you might come across the DNF acronym in other racing competitions as well, like auto racing. Regardless of the event, the meaning remains the same, indicating that a competitor did not finish the race or event they started.

Example for using ‘DNF’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the ski race last night?

Yeah, I did! It was intense. Did you see that DNF?

Oh, you mean when the skier didn’t finish the race?

Exactly! They had a bad fall and couldn’t continue.