What does DNS stand for?

Domain Name System

DNS is an acronym that stands for a system that turns domain names into IP addresses. This process is quite like how your phone applies contact names to their respective phone numbers.

Imagine you’re trying to call your friend, let’s say John. You don’t need to remember John’s phone number. You just find his name in your contact list and your phone dials the number linked to his name. The same thing happens on the internet with domain names and IP addresses.

Domain names are essentially the ‘contact names’ of the internet. They’re tied to IP addresses, which are like phone numbers for websites. Just as you’d struggle to remember everyone’s phone number, it’s hard to remember IP addresses, which is why we have domain names.

So, the role of DNS is to remember and translate these domain names into their corresponding IP addresses. This makes it easier for us, the users. We just need to remember the domain name, and DNS does the rest of the work.

Example for using ‘DNS’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know what DNS stands for?

Yeah, it stands for Domain Name System. It’s like the address book of the internet.

Oh, really? How does it work?

Well, think of it like this. When you type in a website name, like google.com, the DNS translates that into an IP address so your device knows where to find the website.