Do It For The Gram

What does Do It For The Gram mean?

Doing something just to post it on Instagram

When you hear someone say “Do it for the Gram“, they’re talking about doing something purely to share it on Instagram. It could be something as simple as buying a trendy outfit, or going to great lengths like travelling to an exotic location just to snap that perfect photo.

‘The Gram’ is another way of referring to Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing platform. The phrase is often used to describe situations where the real experience or enjoyment of an activity is secondary to the social media recognition it might bring.

People who frequently ‘do it for the gram’ are often seen as being insincere or fake. This is because they are perceived to care more about the attention, likes, and followers they’ll get on Instagram than the actual experience or moment they are sharing.

Example for using ‘Do It For The Gram’ in a conversation

Did you see Jessica’s new post on Instagram?

Yeah, she’s always doing it for the gram.