What does Doggo mean?

Doggo means Dog

Doggo is a playful and affectionate slang term used to refer to dogs. This term, part of the DoggoLingo collection of pet-related slang, originally comes from Australia. It became popular globally through posts and comments on the Dogspotting Facebook group.

There’s a trend in Australia where people add -o to the end of words to make them sound more endearing and cute. That’s how the word dog transformed into doggo. When the Dogspotting Facebook group started gaining popularity, doggo started being used frequently in posts and comments.

The term doggo quickly gained popularity and was embraced by dog lovers all over the internet. It’s not just limited to Facebook, but you can find this term being used on various online platforms. It has become a favorite among the pet-loving community.

DoggoLingo is a collection of cute and onomatopoeic slang terms primarily used by pet lovers. Besides doggo, you might come across words like smol, lorge, and blep. These words are mostly used while talking about dogs and other pets, but they have made their way into everyday online language among pet enthusiasts.

Example for using ‘Doggo’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that cute doggo on the street today? 🐢

Yes! That doggo was so adorable! 😍

I know, right? I just wanted to pet that doggo all day! πŸ₯°

Me too! Doggos always bring so much joy to our lives. 🐾