What does Dogleg mean in Golf?

A dogleg is a golf hole where the fairway makes a bend.

A dogleg is a type of hole in golf that takes its name from the twist and turn of a dog’s leg, specifically the part around the ankle. This term is used to describe a fairway that doesn’t go straight from the tee box to the green. Instead, it bends either to the left or right, hiding the green from the golfer’s view at the tee.

This design is intentional and aims to make the hole more challenging. It forces a golfer to make more shots compared to a straight, direct line-of-sight hole. The twist or bend in the fairway is what gives the term its name. It can be either a “dogleg right” if the hole bends to the right, or a “dogleg left” if it bends to the left.

There are also instances where the fairway can bend twice. This is known as a “double dogleg“. Occasionally, you might also see the term spelled as “dog leg”. No matter the spelling, the meaning remains the same – a challenging hole on a golf course with a fairway that bends like a dog’s leg.

Example for using ‘Dogleg’ in a conversation

Hey, I heard you’re going golfing today. Have you played that course before?

Yes, I have. It’s got some challenging holes. One of them is a dogleg.

A dogleg? What’s that?

It’s a hole where the fairway bends either to the left or right. It makes it harder to see the green from the tee.