What does Doin mean?

‘Doin’ is slang for ‘Doing’

Doin’ is a shortened version of the word ‘doing’. This is a common practice in online chats and messaging where people often shorten words for quicker typing. By dropping the “g” from ‘doing’, users can save a tiny bit of time.

This particular slang is frequently used when asking someone about their activities. Instead of saying ‘What are you doing?’, people often say ‘What are you doin’?’ in a casual conversation. It is also used to inquire about a person’s well-being, substituting ‘How are you doing?’ with ‘How are you doin’?’.

So, next time you see ‘Doin’‘ in a chat conversation, don’t be puzzled. It’s just a quicker way of saying ‘doing’ and is a part of the informal language popular in online communication.

Example for using ‘Doin’ in a conversation

Hey! How’s it goin’? 😊

Hey! I’m just doin’ some work from home. What about you? 🏠

Nice! I’m doin’ some grocery shopping right now. Need anything? πŸ›’

Thanks for asking! I’m good, but don’t forget to grab some snacks for movie night tonight! 🍿