What does Done mean?

I can’t handle this anymore

When you’re so fed up with a situation or person that you can’t take it anymore, you might just say you’re ‘Done’. It’s a simple way to express your frustration or exasperation without going into detail.

This slang is exactly what it sounds like – you’re done, finished, can’t deal with it anymore. It could be a situation, a person, or even a thing that has pushed your buttons far too many times.

While ‘Done’ may seem like ordinary English, in the world of slang, it’s a whole mood. It’s not about completing a task or finishing up something. It’s about reaching that point where you’ve had all you can take.

Where might you see this slang? ‘Done’ is a popular term on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You might see it next to a picture, video, or link that someone finds annoying or frustrating.

So next time you see someone post ‘Done’, you’ll know they’re not just finishing a task. They’re expressing their frustration, exasperation, or just plain fed-upness in a single, simple word.

Example for using ‘Done’ in a conversation

Ugh, I just got another parking ticket today. 😑

Done. Parking tickets are the worst! πŸš«πŸ…ΏοΈ

I know, right? I can’t deal with it anymore. 😫

Just gotta pay it and move on. Done with these fines! πŸ’Έ