What does Doo mean?

Poo from a human or animal

Doo is a shortened version of the term doo-doo. This term is mostly used by kids and teenagers to talk about human or animal poop in a less formal or serious way.

While the term doo-doo may sound a bit childish, the shortened version, Doo, is often used by teenagers to keep the conversation light-hearted. It’s a casual way of referring to something that’s not usually discussed openly.

So, when you hear someone using the term Doo, they are likely talking about poop. It’s a way to bring up a less-than-pleasant subject in a fun and less embarrassing manner.

Example for using ‘Doo’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that dog poop on the sidewalk? πŸ’©

Ewww, yeah! It’s like someone forgot to clean up after their pet. 🀒

I know, right? It’s so gross when people don’t pick up after their dogs. πŸ’©

Totally! It’s important to keep our streets clean and free from doo. πŸ’©