Double Play

What does Double Play mean in Baseball?

Getting two outs in one play

Double Play is a term you’ll often hear if you’re a fan of baseball or softball. It’s used to talk about a situation where two outs are made in one single play.

This usually happens when an infielder manages to field a grounder or a line drive. After that, he either throws the ball to a teammate at a base or touches the base himself. This results in a force out. Then, the ball is thrown to another teammate at a different base for a second force out.

But that’s not the only way a Double Play can happen. For example, a hitter might strike out, and then a runner could get caught stealing. Or, a player might be thrown out when trying to move up to the next base after the ball is caught by a fielder. These are just some of the ways a Double Play can take place in a game.

Example for using ‘Double Play’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the game last night?

Yeah, it was amazing! Did you see that double play in the 7th inning?

Oh yeah, that was incredible! The shortstop caught the ball, stepped on second base, and then threw it to first for the double play!

It happened so fast, but they made it look so easy. Two outs on one play, that’s what I call teamwork!