What does Dough mean?

‘Dough’ is slang for ‘Money’

If someone is talking about having a lot of dough, they’re either referring to a hefty amount of money they possess or they literally have a lot of bread-making dough. It’s a popular jargon used to describe money, similar to terms like scrilla, mula, and paper.

Most people recognize the term dough to mean money or anything that has considerable value, like expensive jewelry, fancy cars, or precious stones. This term is used by individuals of all age groups, from youngsters to the elderly.

It’s interesting to note that the usage of dough as a slang for money dates back to the mid-20th century and has its roots in bread, another slang term for money. This term is still widely used today. For instance, someone might exclaim, “Did you notice the diamond ring she was wearing? I didn’t realize she had so much dough!”

Example for using ‘Dough’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that fancy car John bought?

Yeah, it’s amazing! How did he afford it?

Well, apparently he’s been making a lot of dough recently.

Wow, he must be doing really well for himself.