What does Down mean?

‘Down’ in slang means ‘Agree’

When you hear someone use the slang ‘Down’, they’re typically agreeing to a proposal or saying they’re ready for something to happen. It’s a casual way of saying ‘yes’ or ‘I’m in’ to a question or suggestion.

Let’s say your friend Alex asks you, ‘Hey, are you down for a movie tonight?’ If you’re interested, you can reply with ‘Sure, I’m down.’ Here, ‘Down’ is used to express agreement or readiness for the proposed activity.

It’s important to note that ‘Down’ in this context has nothing to do with feeling sad or depressed. It’s a positive response, showing your willingness to participate in something.

So next time when your friend Sarah says, ‘Are you down to try that new sushi place?’ and you’re excited to try it out, you can confidently reply, ‘Yeah, I’m down!’

Example for using ‘Down’ in a conversation

Hey! Want to go grab some pizza tonight? πŸ•

Sure, I’m down! πŸ™Œ