What does DP mean in baseball?

Double play

In the world of baseball and softball, ‘DP’ is an acronym that stands for double play. This is a specific play where two outs are made at once, making it a crucial move in these sports.

The term ‘DP’ is typically associated with scenarios where an infielder catches a ground ball or line drive and then throws it to a teammate positioned on a base. This teammate then relays the throw to another teammate on a different base, resulting in two outs, hence the term double play.

There’s a range of situations where a double play can be executed. One common example is when a runner is thrown out as they try to move forward to the next base after the ball has been caught by a fielder. Another instance is when a batter strikes out and a runner is thrown out while attempting to steal a base.

Just to provide some context, ‘DP’ lies in the same family of baseball terms as ‘putout’ (one out) and ‘triple play’ (three outs). These terms are significant in the game of baseball and softball, and knowing them can help you better understand and enjoy these sports.

Example for using ‘DP’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game last night?

Yes, I did! Did you see that DP in the 5th inning?

Yeah, it was amazing! The shortstop fielded the grounder, threw it to second base, and then to first base for the double play!

That was some quick teamwork. The batter didn’t stand a chance!