What does DQYDJ stand for?

Don’t quit your day job

When someone sends you DQYDJ, or don’t quit your day job, it’s their way of saying they don’t think your latest idea is very good. It’s often sent in response to a particularly unique or far-fetched idea that doesn’t seem feasible or likely to work out well.

For instance, if you tell your best friend, Sarah, that you’re going to start a punk rock band and become a music sensation, she might respond with DQYDJ. This is Sarah’s way of saying she doesn’t believe your band is going to take off or be a huge success.

In short, when someone says DQYDJ, they’re offering you a reality check in a friendly way. They’re saying that while your idea might be creative or original, it might not be the best path to success. So, they’re suggesting you stick with your current job or path, at least for now.

Example for using ‘DQYDJ’ in a conversation

Hey, I’ve got an amazing idea! I want to quit my job and become a professional beach volleyball player! 🏐


What?! Why not? I think I’d be great at it!

Well, let’s just say your volleyball skills are a little rusty. Maybe stick to it as a hobby for now? 😁