What does DR stand for?

Double rainbow

DR stands for “double rainbow”. It’s a shorthand way to talk about feelings of extreme happiness or joy. The letters D and R come together to form this cheerful slang term.

This slang has its roots in a popular internet video from 2010. In the video, a man named Paul (not his real name) is moved to tears by the sight of a double rainbow in the sky.

The video quickly went viral and Paul’s joyous reaction to the double rainbow became a symbol of pure happiness. This is why the term DR is now used to convey a similar level of joy or excitement.

So, next time when you feel a surge of happiness or come across something that fills you with joy, you can simply say DR to express your feelings.

Example for using ‘DR’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the sky earlier? 🌈

Yeah, I saw it! DR! 😍

I know right! Double rainbows always make me so happy! 🌈🌈

They’re so rare, but when you see one, it’s pure magic! It’s like a burst of joy! 🌈✨