Draft Dasher

What does Draft Dasher mean in Fantasy Football?

Someone who selects a team in fantasy football and then neglects it

A Draft Dasher is often seen in the world of fantasy football. It’s someone who begins the season by creating a team, only to abandon it before the season ends. This action is considered a breach of fantasy football etiquette and can be highly irritating for other players.

Typically, a Draft Dasher is someone who revels in the thrill and the strategic aspect of assembling a team. However, they might not enjoy the routine of managing the team week after week. So, they end up deserting their team in the middle of the season.

Another reason for someone to become a Draft Dasher might be that their team simply isn’t doing well. They might decide that they’d rather not deal with the hassle of managing a team that’s not performing up to their expectations.

Example for using ‘Draft Dasher’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see John’s fantasy team this year?

Yeah, he had a great draft. But why hasn’t he updated his lineup in weeks?

I think he’s just a Draft Dasher. Loves the excitement of the draft, doesn’t stick around for the season.

Ah, classic John. No wonder his team’s losing.