What does DRC stand for?

Don’t really care

If you come across ‘DRC’ in a chat or a conversation, it means ‘Don’t Really Care’. It’s a quick and easy way to show that you’re not bothered about something. Just be careful, because using this slang can sometimes come across as rude.

For instance, if you and your buddy, Jack, are trying to decide where to grab a bite, you could drop ‘DRC’ in the conversation. It’s a way to let Jack know you’re not fussed about where you eat. This is a good use of ‘DRC’.

On the flip side, remember to use ‘DRC’ with caution. If you’re in a serious discussion with your partner, Lisa, about a major relationship issue, it’s not a good idea to respond with ‘DRC’. It might come off as dismissive and could land you in hot water. So, be careful about when and where you use ‘DRC’.

Example for using ‘DRC’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s up?

Not much, just finished work. How about you?

Same here. I’m starving. Any ideas for dinner?

Hmm, how about Mexican food?

DRC 🌮🤷‍♂️

Haha, alright! Let’s go then. I know a great place nearby.