What does Dressgate mean?

Dispute over the colors in a dress

Dressgate is a buzzword that originated from a viral online dispute regarding the color of a dress. This peculiar disagreement took the internet by storm in February 2015, when a picture of the dress was widely shared on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The whole commotion kicked off when a group of buddies had a disagreement over the color combination they perceived in the dress. Some of them insisted that the dress was blue and black, while others were certain it was white and gold. The picture was then shared on Facebook and Tumblr by a user named Sarah Johnson, who wanted to get a broader opinion.

Little did Sarah know, her post would go viral in less than two weeks. The image sparked a worldwide debate, with social media users passionately defending their color perception. The hashtags #blueandblack, #whiteandgold, and #TheDress trended on Twitter, becoming a symbol of this quirky internet controversy.

Despite the widespread debate, no consensus has been reached on the true color of the dress. This just goes to show how social media can turn something as simple as a dress color into a global debate. This is the essence of Dressgate.

Example for using ‘Dressgate’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of Dressgate?

Yeah, it’s that whole controversy about the colors of a dress, right? 🤔

Exactly! Some people saw blue and black, while others saw white and gold. Can you believe it? 😮

I remember that! It went viral on social media with everyone arguing about it. 😅