Dropping Dimes

What does Dropping Dimes mean in basketball?

Executing tough assists in basketball by making tricky passes is known as ‘Dropping Dimes’

When a basketball player is said to be “dropping dimes,” it means they are making impressive or tricky passes to their teammates who then go on to score. A good example is when LeBron James makes those sneaky passes without looking, and his teammate scores a basket.

The phrase is believed to have gained popularity in the 2000s, especially among NBA players and fans. However, the origin of the term remains unclear. There is a popular theory that links the phrase to the times when pay phones were used and required a dime.

In those days, if you needed to make a call but were out of dimes, a kind stranger or a friend would drop a dime for you. This act of kindness is likened to the assistance a player provides when they pass the ball to a teammate, setting them up for a score. In basketball terminology, this is known as an assist.

So, the term “dropping dimes” essentially highlights the team spirit and the key role of assists in the game of basketball.

Example for using ‘Dropping Dimes’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that game last night?

Yeah, it was amazing! Steph Curry was dropping dimes left and right!

Totally! I couldn’t believe some of those passes he made.

I know, right? He’s got such incredible court vision.