What does Dstr8 mean?

Dstr8 equals Dang straight

When you’re chatting online or texting and you want to express a strong agreement or confirmation, you might use the slang term ‘Dstr8’. It’s kind of like saying “Yeah, totally!” or “Absolutely!”.

This particular abbreviation is part of a fun trend where an 8 is used to replace “ate,” “ait,” “eight,” and “aight” in words. You’ll see it in other terms like str8 for straight, d8 for date, h8r for hater, w8n for waiting, and l8 for late.

Usually, people who are really into slang and enjoy using it will use ‘Dstr8’. It’s especially used when they are super excited about something. For example, they might use it when talking about a music festival, a new blockbuster film, a fun trivia night, a day at the seaside, or a Dungeons & Dragons game.

Example for using ‘Dstr8’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just got tickets to the concert tonight! πŸŽ‰

No way! That’s awesome! Dstr8 excited for you! 🀩

Thanks, man! It’s gonna be epic! 🀘

Dstr8! You’re gonna have a blast! Enjoy every moment! 🎡