What does DTR mean?

Define the relationship

When Tom and Sally are confused about their relationship status and want to clear things up, they have a ‘DTR’ or Define the Relationship talk. It’s a conversation to understand if they are actually dating or not, or what their next course of action in their relationship should be.

This slang is incredibly popular, especially on Christian college campuses. Here, you’ll often find very intense individuals dropping the term ‘DTR’ quite frequently.

So, the next time you hear someone say they had a ‘DTR’, you’ll know they’re talking about a serious relationship-defining chat. It’s a crucial conversation that helps people figure out where they stand with each other in their romantic relationship.

Example for using ‘DTR’ in a conversation

Hey, I’ve been thinking… We’ve been hanging out a lot lately and I’m starting to catch feelings. 😊

Oh, really? I’ve been feeling the same way too! πŸ˜„

That’s great! So, do you think we should DTR? πŸ€”

Definitely! Let’s have that conversation and figure out where we stand. πŸ’‘