What does DTRT stand for?

Do the right thing

Imagine stumbling upon a secret that your buddy, Jason, is two-timing his boyfriend, Tim, with another friend of yours, Jennifer. You are unsure about what to do and seek advice from your friend Jack. Jack simply replies, “You just have to DTRT and inform Tim.” Here, Jack believes that letting Tim know about Jason’s cheating is the right thing to do.

So, what does this acronym DTRT mean? It stands for “Do The Right Thing“. It’s a phrase we often use when we’re dealing with situations that require ethical judgment or when we’re in a moral dilemma.

It’s not unusual to encounter this term when discussing issues that require us to make a decision based on what is ethically correct. Hence, if you come across DTRT in a conversation, now you know they’re asking you to act in a manner that is morally right.

Example for using ‘DTRT’ in a conversation

Hey, I need your advice. Something happened and I don’t know what to do.

Sure, what’s up?

I found out that my roommate has been stealing food from our other roommate. Should I confront them?

Definitely DTRT and talk to your roommate about it. Stealing is not cool.