What does Duckface mean?

Puckered lips facial expression

Duckface is a slang term that’s used to describe a certain type of facial expression. This is where a person puckers up their lips in a way that they look just like a duck’s bill.

The trend of making a Duckface for photos got really big back in 2013. It was especially a hit among young girls and women who used to make this pose quite often for their pictures.

It wasn’t just the general public who got caught up in this craze. Even well-known personalities and famous stars on various social media platforms started to follow this trend. They posted pictures with a Duckface which made it even more popular.

However, like all trends, the Duckface too started to lose its charm. People began to feel fed up seeing the same pose over and over again in so many photos shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

So, that’s what Duckface is all about. It’s a fun term that got really popular for a while, but then people eventually got tired of it.

Example for using ‘Duckface’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Lisa’s latest selfie?

Yeah, she’s doing the duckface again πŸ™„

Haha, I remember when that was so popular!

I know, right? It was everywhere!