What does Duh mean?

Super clear or obvious

“Duh” is a slang term people use when they want to point out that something is pretty clear or obvious. It’s a way to say, “Yes, I get it. I’m not foolish,” or “Yes, that’s clear as day.”

Often, you might also hear it as “no duh.” This is another way of stating the same thing. It’s almost like saying, “Isn’t it obvious?” or “Can’t you see it’s clear?”

The term is usually used in a sarcastic manner. It’s a way of pointing out that the information being shared is already known or should be understood easily. It’s a little like saying, “Everyone knows that!”

Example for using ‘Duh’ in a conversation

Person 1: Did you hear that the sun rises in the east?

Person 2: Duh! Everyone knows that. 🌞

Person 1: I just found out that water is wet!

Person 2: Duh! That’s like the most obvious thing ever. πŸ’¦