What does DUUT stand for?

Do you understand that?

When you’re in a conversation online or via text and you want to ask someone if they’ve got your point, you may use the slang term ‘DUUT’. It’s a quick and easy way to ask “do you understand that?”.

Imagine you’re messaging your girlfriend Sarah to tell her that you’ve decided to end the relationship because you’ve fallen for Rachel. You might write “Sarah, it’s over between us. I have feelings for Rachel now. DUUT?”.

Even though it’s a handy acronym for quick chats, remember that ‘DUUT’ might not be the best choice when you’re dealing with serious matters. An actual phone call or face-to-face conversation could be more suitable in such scenarios.

Example for using ‘DUUT’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new episode of that show?

Yeah, I watched it. DUUT?

I wanted to know if you understood the twist at the end.

Oh, I totally understood it. That plot twist was mind-blowing! 😮