What does DVR stand for?

Digital video recorder

A DVR, short for digital video recorder, is a handy piece of technology. It’s a device that lets you record TV programs. This is especially useful when you’re not at home to watch your favorite show, or if you have a scheduling conflict between two shows you want to watch.

This device is commonly used to ensure you never miss out on your favorite TV content. Whether you’re out of the house, busy with other tasks, or if two or more of your must-watch shows happen to air at the same time, a DVR has got you covered.

So, next time someone mentions a DVR, you’ll know they’re talking about a device that records TV shows. No more worrying about missing your favorite programs!

Example for using ‘DVR’ in a conversation

Hey, did you catch the latest episode of our favorite show?

No, I missed it. I was stuck at work. 😞

No worries! I recorded it on my DVR. You can watch it later.