What does Dweet mean on Twitter?

Tweeting while drunk

When someone uses Twitter under the influence of alcohol and posts a tweet that is typically nonsensical, filled with typos, or unusually out of character, it’s often referred to as a “dweet”.

This kind of tweet, or dweet, usually appears late at night. It’s often the result of an evening’s worth of drinking that leads someone to believe that sharing their thoughts on Twitter at that moment is a good idea.

For instance, if someone named Jack has had too much to drink after a failed relationship, he may dweet about his former partner. But it’s not just break-ups that can lead to a dweet. It could also be a response to feeling alone or being let go from a job.

Example for using ‘Dweet’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Sarah’s dweet last night?

Haha, yeah! She was definitely drunk tweeting.

I couldn’t understand half of what she said!

Right? It was full of typos and random thoughts.