What does it mean?

Surfing the web while intoxicated

Ever heard of someone being drunk on the internet? Well, that’s exactly what DWWWI is about. It’s when someone is browsing the Internet, typically social platforms, while they are drunk.

Signs of DWWWI are often pretty clear. If you see someone posting sentences that don’t make much sense or are hard to understand, they might be DWWWI. It’s like they’re stumbling over their words, but online.

The term itself is a play on DWI – driving while intoxicated. But instead of a car, the person is operating their keyboard. The three Ws in DWWWI stand for World Wide Web, showing that it’s all happening online.

So, next time you see someone’s social media going haywire late at night, remember – they might just be DWWWI!

Example for using ‘DWWWI’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you see John’s latest post on Facebook?

Yeah, I did. It’s so confusing! What’s he talking about?

I think he’s DWWWI again. He always posts weird stuff when he’s drunk.

Haha, that makes sense! The three Ws for World Wide Web, right?