What does DYAC stand for?

D*** You Auto Correct

DYAC is an acronym linked to a humorous website. This site showcases amusing conversations where the meaning has been completely changed due to auto correct. Auto correct is a feature on the iPhone that attempts to help users by automatically fixing words it thinks are misspelled or incorrectly used.

Not only does DYAC reference this website, but it’s also used by individuals to express their frustration towards the auto correct feature. Auto correct, while designed to make typing easier, often ends up creating hilarious and sometimes awkward situations because it changes words that the user didn’t intend to alter.

So, the next time you see DYAC, remember it’s a way to laugh at the often comical outcomes of auto correct or to vent annoyance towards this well-meaning, but sometimes frustrating iPhone feature.

Example for using ‘DYAC’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what happened to me today? πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

What happened? πŸ˜„

I was texting my mom and my phone auto corrected ‘love’ to ‘liver’. She was so confused! DYAC! πŸ˜‚

Haha, that’s hilarious! DYAC moments always make me laugh. πŸ˜†