What does E3 mean in Baseball?

Mistake made by the first baseman, E3

When you see ‘E3’ in a baseball scorebook, it signifies an error made by the first baseman. This shorthand term combines ‘E’ for error and ‘3’ for the first baseman’s position.

Baseball has a unique way of recording statistics. The positions on the field are assigned numbers, making it easier to jot down in scorebooks. To illustrate, the numbers and their respective positions are: 1 for Pitcher, 2 for Catcher, 3 for First Base, 4 for Second Base, 5 for Third Base, 6 for Shortstop, 7 for Left Field, 8 for Center Field, and 9 for Right Field.

When a baseman makes an error, it doesn’t count as a hit. If a runner manages to score following this error, the run is noted as unearned rather than earned. This is the role ‘E3’ plays in the game of baseball.

Example for using ‘E3’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game yesterday?

Yeah, it was intense! Did you see that E3?

Totally! The first baseman made a big error.

I know, right? That cost them a run.