What does E5 mean in Baseball?

Mistake made by the third baseman, E5

In baseball lingo, ‘E5’ is a term used to point out an error made by the third baseman. The slang combines ‘E’, standing for ‘error’, and the position number of the player.

Baseball uses numbers to represent different positions on the field. These are helpful for keeping track of statistics in the scorebook. The number for each position is as follows: 1-Pitcher, 2-Catcher, 3-First base, 4-Second base, 5-Third base, 6-Shortstop, 7-Left field, 8-Center field, and 9-Right field.

When a fielder makes a mistake, it’s marked as an error rather than a hit. For instance, if a baserunner scores due to this error, the resulting run is deemed ‘unearned’.

Example for using ‘E5’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game yesterday?

Yeah, I did! It was crazy. Did you see that error by the third baseman?

Totally! That was an E5, right?

Yep, you got it! E5 means the error was made by the third baseman.