What does E7 mean in Baseball?

Mistake made by the left fielder is ‘E7’

In baseball lingo, E7 means that the left fielder made a mistake while fielding. This term is made up of ‘E’, which stands for error, and ‘7’, the number assigned to the position of the left fielder.

The numbering system in baseball is a useful way of tracking scores. It assigns a unique number to each player’s position. Here’s a quick rundown: 1-Pitcher, 2-Catcher, 3-First base, 4-Second base, 5-Third base, 6-Shortstop, 7-Left field, 8-Center field, and 9-Right field.

It’s important to note that a fielder’s error is not considered a hit. If a run is scored due to an error, it’s termed as an ‘unearned’ run, not an ‘earned’ one. This means that the run scored because of the mistake is not credited to the player’s batting skill but rather to the fielder’s mistake. So, when you see E7 in a baseball scorecard, you now know it represents an error made by the left fielder.

Example for using ‘E7’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game last night?

Yeah, I did! It was intense.

I know, right? Did you see that error made by the left fielder?

Oh yeah, that was a big mistake. It was definitely an E7.